Internal Combustion Engine Models (Petrol/Glow)

All internal combustion engine powered models must meet noise limits as per the Department of Environment guidelines. The club has a noise meter and test stand for this purpose and any model which is unnecessarily noisy will not be allowed to fly.

  • Monday to Saturday   9am-7pm  

  • Sunday & Bank Holidays   10am-3pm

Electric Powered Models 


  • Monday to Saturday   6am-11pm

  • Sunday & Bank Holidays   7am-10pm 


Gas turbines 

  • Tuesdays / Thursdays / Saturday only   10am-3pm

  • Bank Holidays   NO FLYING

Rules for social distancing 

  • Upon entry vehicles must be parked as so marker tape on fence is central to vehicle.

  • Pilots must stand in the individual pilot boxes marked out by the barriers, there are 5 boxes allowing 4m distance between pilots.

  • The club hut is not to be used under any circumstances. 

  • Please stick to the social distance suggested by the government and please respect each others space.

  • No visitor flyers (during this time).

  • No drone or similar multi rotor models unless cleared for flight by a committee member only. 

  • Carry out ‘pre-flight’ checks before each flight as specified in your BMFA handbook,especially important as we are occasionally flying over livestock and do not want aircraft coming down into them.

  • Use the 'SMART' and 'SWEETS' regime before and during flying, copies are available on the club notice board and from the ‘download’ section of the club website.

  • All models in the pits must be at all times pointed towards 'no mans land' between the pits and flight line.

  • Under no circumstances can a model taxi inside the pit area.

  • IC engines including gas turbines are to be started in the starting area and be securely tethered to the posts provided.

  • Before takeoff or landing, pilots must let other pilots know their intentions by clearly calling 'takeoff' or 'landing'. In the event of a problem during a flight, it is important that other pilots are made aware so that they can take appropriate action.

  • As soon as possible after takeoff, pilots should stand in the pilot box.

  • Please give clear communication of intentions of low pass manoeuvres to other pilots.     

  • All flying must take place in the fly zone and never behind the pilot box.

  • No member is allowed to fly solo unless they hold a minimum of the BMFA 'A' Certificate. Members without a BMFA 'A' Certificate should attempt the test as soon as possible, please speak to a member of the committee who will be able to put you in contact with the Club Examiner.

  • Members must have BMFA membership when using the flying field.

 Please download the latest full club rules from the download tab.


Membership runs yearly from the 1st of Jan until 25th Dec, A joining fee of £20 will be added for any 1st time memberships or any returning members that fails to renew their membership within the one month grace period. Fees can be paid by bank transfer or cash, please talk to a committee member on site for more details. 

  • Senior membership (18 and over ) - £120* / £125**

  • Youth membership (13 to 17) - £60* / £63**

  • Non-flying adults with younger children £60* / £63**

  • Under 13's (accompanied with a senior member) - Free 

* Cash or bank transfer, bank details available on request.

** Payment via Paypal includes 4% fees. Please make payment to