Welcome to our web site

The Banbury Model Flying Club was formed to provide a site for controlled and safe flying of Radio Controlled Fixed Wing Powered Model Aircraft for the modellers of Banbury and the surrounding areas which includes nearby villages within the borders of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

We are affiliated to the British Model Flying Association as Club No. 005. There are some 780 clubs spread throughout England, Ireland and Wales. Modellers in Scotland have their own model flying association, the SAA. With, at the last count, approximately 36,500 BMFA members, we are part of a very large organization indeed.

We provide training completely free of charge which, when compared with some of the commercially based flying training set-ups who charge £40 or more per hour for exactly the same level of instruction, is reason enough for joining the club!

Apart from the possible dangers, attempts to try and learn to fly on your own using a corner of an unsuitable field or public grassed area is not the way to go. It is sure to end in tears, not to mention the bag of bits you will end up taking home in a bin liner!

Come and join us if you live locally and want to fly. You will benefit from receiving help and guidance from experienced club members who will be more than happy to give their time in order to get you up and flying as soon as possible. At peak times you will discover several registered Club Instructors on site which means that you are very unlikely to have to wait long for instruction.

No-one is allowed to fly unsupervised unless they have demonstrated the basic skills to the satisfaction of our Club Examiner who is the only club member able to award the BMFA ‘A’ Certificate. Members with the ‘A’ Certificate may then fly solo at any time.

Club members are subsequently encouraged to gain the experience to be examined for the higher level BMFA ‘B’ Certificate in due course. Holders of this certificate have demonstrated a much higher degree of control and awareness which is an Insurance requirement to fly suitable radio controlled model aircraft at venues attended by the general public. The more experienced flyers are now being tempted with the newly created 'C' Certificate standard which calls for the highest skills - something that everyone should strive to achieve although probably relatively few club fliers will achieve this demanding standard.